Brugnoni Agricola



Artisans of the ground, since 1959

Our story begins in the mid-1920s, when the Brugnoni family moved to Pieve Pagliaccia. In the "Fattoria di Pieve Pagliaccia" our grandparents cultivate a small "farm" and carry on an important zootechnical activity as sharecroppers.

But the year of the turning point is 1959, when our family decides to take a courageous step: in fact, the company managed up until that moment is purchased with a sharecropping contract.

It is at the end of the 1950s that today’s Brugnoni Agricola comes to life with great satisfaction. Over the years we have implemented production systems and crops, without ever forgetting our origins.


The best products are born from deep roots

The only purpose of our daily efforts is to keep up with the times in order to offer you the best products: for this reason, we continuously invest in cutting-edge equipment and technologies without ever losing the human component, passion and love for agriculture and the land, indelibly engraved in our DNA.

We strongly believe that the quality of the products offered is the trump card of every respectable company.

In recent years we have completely renovated the vineyards, as well as the equipment of our cellar; our experience is a wealth of knowledge of inestimable value from which we started to develop the most modern techniques, that allow us to offer only products of excellence.

For almost a century our family lives and works in the "Fattoria di Pieve Pagliaccia": everything around has changed, our company has constantly adapted to the changing world but has never lost its most important virtue, passion and respect for its land.