Artisans of the land, since1959

Our history begins in the middle of 1920s, when the Brugnoni family moves to Pieve Pagliaccia. In the “Farm of Pieve Pagliaccia” our grandparents cultivate a small “farm” and breed animals as sharecroppers.

In 1959 there is a big change: our family takes a brave and risky step and buys the farm that until then we ran as sharecroppers.

So at the end of 1950s Brugnoni Agricola begins its business. Over the years we have implemented production systems and crops without forgetting our origins.


The best products have deep roots

The only true purpose of our every-day efforts is to be abreast of the times to offer you the best product: so we constantly invest in state-of-the-art equipment and technologies, but we never forget the human component, enthusiasm and love for agriculture and land which are indelibly impressed in our DNA.

The future is in the hands of people who do it and we strongly think that products’ quality is the trump card of every respectable company.

In recent years we have completely renovated the vineyards and also the rooms and the equipment of our cellar. Our experience is a priceless stock of knowledge from which we developed the most modern techniques and we offer only excellent products.

For almost a century our family has been living and working in the “Farm of Pieve Pagliaccia”. Everything around has changed, our farm has always adapted to the changing world but has never lost its most important virtue: the love and respect for its land.